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Holly loves the pairing of her gin with this Pink Citrus Tonic! Why not send a mate (or yourself) a Pink G&T in the post.

Holly's Pink G&T Gift Box 💕
Makes a double G&T.
*Garnish & Glass not included*

The kit includes:
1 x 5cl Holly's Gin (42% vol)

1 x 200ml Artisan Drinks Co. Pink Citrus Tonic Water
1 x Holly's G&T Perfect Serve Card 

Pink Citrus Tonic from the Artisan Drinks Company pairs perfectly with Holly's Gin.  Not only does it have a pretty pink hue, but it's packed with blood orange and pink grapefruit. To garnish, pop in an orange slice with some fresh berries. A delicious pink G&T! 


Holly's Pink G&T Gift Box