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Holly loves the pairing of her gin with this Pink Citrus Tonic, especially when served in these stunning pink and gold glasses! 

Holly's Pink G&T & Glass Gift Set ðŸ’•
Makes a double G&T.
*Garnish not included*

The kit includes:
1 x 5cl Holly's Gin (42% vol)

1 x 200ml Artisan Drinks Co. Pink Citrus Tonic Water

1 x Holly's Pink & Gold Gin Glass
1 x Holly's G&T Perfect Serve Card 

Pink Citrus Tonic from the Artisan Drinks Company pairs perfectly with Holly's Gin.  Not only does it have a pretty pink hue, but it's packed with blood orange and pink grapefruit. To garnish, pop in an orange slice with some fresh berries. A delicious pink G&T! 

These glasses certainly make a statement! The rose pink tinted, gold-rimmed rocks glasses are great for any gin cocktail. They have some weight to them and feel super special. These glasses are handmade, so each one is unique. 

Probably best not to pop them in the dishwasher to be on the safe side! 

Holly's Pink G&T & Glass Gift Set


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