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Originally from Cornwall, Holly’s main passion is gin!  Her love of gin started with shaking cocktails at a Cornish gin palace

whilst studying for her history degree.


After moving to London, Holly became a gin brand ambassador, hosted talks at gin festivals, and became’s ‘Gintern’.

Holly decided to follow her dream and produce her own gin in 2018, and successfully distilled batch 001 after hitting her

Crowd Funder campaign target.

Holly wanted to create the recipe herself from scratch, making sure it was a gin she would want to drink over and over again. Holly’s Gin is the result of a lot of hours spent playing with flavours and coming up with design ideas on scrap pieces of paper at 3am! However, Holly couldn't be happier with the finished product, and is proud to say it's an award winning gin. 

about holly
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A perfect blend of 9 botanicals, including Passion Flower, Gentian Root and Orange.

" Citrus sherbet opens up to reveal a generous juniper heart, with malty coriander and a subtle sweetness. Smooth all the way through to the finish. An easy sipper. "

International Wine & Spirits Competitions Judges


Holly's love of Art Deco, Art Nouveau and a classic London Dry inspired the vintage style design.



Distilled in two 300 litre copper pot stills, Doris and Rose, at Trevethan Distillery in Saltash, Cornwall. After each distillation, Holly conducts the all important taste test and makes sure the ABV is correct. Holly then fills her gin bottles and labels each one by hand. It’s a real labour of love! ​


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